Extremely Fast Weight Loss

Step 1. – Do not restrict nutrients. Low carb, low fat, etc. types of programs do not work. What you want to do is make sure you eat ALL types of nutrients in different patterns through out the day (which is better known as shifting). The types of nutrients you need are protein, fiber, healthy fat, and foods containing plenty of vitamins and minerals.

Now, when you “shift” the types of nutrients you eat each day, this will manipulate your fat burning hormones into seriously increasing to the maximum peak. This is because you are not allowing your body to get comfortable with your daily eating patterns.

Think about it, have you ever experienced where you would get those annoying sugar cravings at the same exact time every day? Well, that is your body establishing a comfort zone! If you break this zone, not only will you get rid of those annoying cravings, you will skyrocket your fat burning hormones.

Step 2. – Do not restrict calories. Low calorie diets do not work. What I recommend for you to do is to firstly eat 4-5 meals daily instead of 3. Secondly, (and this is important), only lower the amount of calories you get PER MEAL. Do not lower the amount of calories you get total for the day. By doing this step here, you will train your body to consistently keep the metabolism running strong through out the day, and you will prevent your body from storing fat.

So, if you want extremely fast weight loss, combine those two steps above and you will most certainly get a slim body fast, easy, & consistently!

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