Dieting Trick For Busy Women

1. You NEED TO start the day with a big breakfast (6 minutes)

Heck, a big breakfast of anything is better than nothing. Truly, it is.

A big breakfast is necessary because if you don’t eat early, you’ll OVER-COMPENSATE later in the day with high calorie convenience foods. By eating more calories earlier, you eat less OVERALL calories the whole day.

My suggestion, eat eggs for breakfast. High in protein and they fill you up.

2. Eat lentils or black beans everyday

Both of these foods are unbelievably cheap. But the best part is they’re both high in protein AND fiber. A POWERFUL combination when it comes to weight loss.

Lentils cost about 75 cents for a pound of them and black beans cost 50 cents for a can.

I recommend that you eat at least 1 can of black beans a day. They take 5 minutes to cook. If not black beans, then eat 3 ounces of lentils each day. Cook them up in a big batch to make it easier for you.

3. Get 3 grapefruits and or apples a day

This is the first tip I give to almost all of my clients. It’s boring, but it works. I use it as a test to see how lazy they are. This is the lazy way to losing 2 pounds a month. Take it. It’s an easy 2 pounds to lose.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you 3 quick dieting tips to help you get a slim body.

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