Slim in 6 Program

The program includes all the proven fundamentals of weight lose. The fundamentals include the diet, aerobic exercises, weight training as well as stretching. The cost of this program is also very affordable. You will have to pay it in three installments. Each installment will be of $19.95. The three exercise videos will also being provided. You will also get the diet guide as well. Hence you will find it to be much cheaper as compared to what you pay for the gym membership.

However, this exercise has some drawbacks as well. Some of the followers say that it is quite tough to follow this program fully. According to them it is too difficult. Hence, most of the people are not able to follow it properly. There are some other cases being reported as well. Some people feel that they conquered a huge accomplishment and feel on top of the world when the defeat this program.

You will have to keep one thing in your mind. It is that you are required to be moderately slim as well as fit before starting this program. In fact this program is for the people who are to some extent fit.

However if you are quite obese then you should certainly go for some easier fitness program at first. Make sure that you are fit enough to bear the pain related to this program. Only then you will be able to follow it properly. The developers of this program do not claim that this is easy. It for those that up determined and up for a challenge.

Diet for a Fat and Slim Body Type

If you are fat and want to build muscles, you should eat more of protein and less of other nutrients, your meals should include 60 percent of protein. But a slim person should eat less protein, your meals can include 40 percent protein. You should also eat healthy protein foods, examples of these healthy proteins are chicken without the skin, turkey, tuna in water and beans. These protein foods are converted to amino acids in the body which helps to repair worn out tissues and build muscles, so you need lots of it after a hard day’s routine.

Another class of food that is necessary for Muscle Building is carbohydrate, it is needed to provide the required energy for exercise. If you avoid carbohydrate foods, you won’t be able to workout efficiently and you won’t have a good stamina to stress your muscles. A fat person should eat less carbohydrate than a slim person because, your body will also use the stored fat in your body for energy. If you are fat, your meals should contain 20 percent carbohydrate and if you are slim you need up to 40 percent.

Also your body needs fat, and minerals for normal functioning, make sure you eat healthy fat like olive oil and coconut oil, do not eat fatty foods like palm oil, groundnut oil, vegetable or animal fat, because they are not healthy for your body and can make you add weight easily. Your meals should contain 10 percent fat for both body types and 10 percent of vegetables. Try to always eat vegetables with your meals. Also eat fruits during your routines, when you are not doing your workouts, do not eat fruits.

With the above recommendations, you can easily draw out an effective Muscle Building diet plan for your meals. Make sure you follow your diet plan daily, else you won’t be able to build muscle easily. It is better to eat small portions of food four times a day to get a steady supply of food nutrient. Drink plenty of water before and after meals because it helps to transport food nutrients all over your body and it helps you eat little quantity of food.

Get Slim Legs Fast

Well, dream no more for you can bid big legs bye bye. If you have big legs, it can sometimes be so irritating and will make you feel uncomfortable because it may feel like everyone is looking at your legs and you just can’t hide it.

It may sound odd but most girls would want to have beautiful slim legs because it can be attractive too. If you want to have beautiful and slim legs you can simply run and brisk walk. It will help you lose the flab in your legs. Cardio exercises are another way to achieve this.

In order for you to get slim legs, you must regularly squat. To do this properly, imagine your self standing in front of chair. Position your self as if you are going to sit when you are not. Keep your feet wide apart from each other and bend your knees.

You must remember to keep the weight on your heels and not on legs as it may become strenuous on your legs. Let your heels carry all your weight. Repeat this regularly and you will see great results in less than a week. You many also do lunges and leg crunches for more effective and fast results.

Spirulina Enzyme

1. Help reduce the absorption of calories

Products such as white kidney beans, camellia extract and other special ingredients, can block the starch, fat absorption, and reduce calories in the body to achieve weight loss purposes.

2. Improve the body’s metabolism rate

Exercising will not only burn calories,it can also increase the body’s ability to use heat, and some components have the ability to increase metabolism, such as lysine, methionine, etc., which allows the body to burn more calories to achieve weight loss results

3. Take care of the body’s internal environment and reduce overnight stool.

The intestines are likely to have feces uplift phenomenon, women who are very aware of their beauty will not allow this to happen. Stool accumulation are likely to cause deterioration of the intestinal environment and affect the normal absorption of nutrients needed by the body.

4. Nutritionally balanced, low calorie food supplements that provides satiety sensation or meal replacement.

To lose weight by controlling food intake may easily become nutrient insufficient, so a nutritionally balanced meal replacement can help you ingest the nutrients needed everyday, and also providing a sense of satiety which prevents hunger.

Spirulina Slim Enzyme is designed for people who are affectionate about beauty and weight control. The Spirulina Slim Enzyme includes eight golden ingredients to achieve health and beauty at the same time.

1. Chromium Enhanced Spirulina

Germany Naturland Organic certified spirulina, specially patented cultivated spirulina strand, consists of rich Vitamin B group, GLA and chromium which can replenish nutrition and adjust physique.

2. Organic Chlorella

USDA-NOP certified organic Chlorella, easy to digest due to patented broken cell wall process, consists high protein, chlorophyll and amino acids.

3. Amino Acids (lysine, methionine)

For TheL-carnitine combined with chromium spirulina can promote metabolism. When the body’s basal metabolic rate increases, it can improve the body for utilization of heat, so that the slimming process can be natural and healthy.

4. Psyllium husk fiber

Originates from Iran and India psyllium husk, its seeds are rich in fiber, therefore known as Psyllium husk fiber. It is one of the best sources of dietary fiber and it can promote intestinal peristalsis and defecation.

5. Lactobacillus sporogenes

Lactobacillus sporogenes can increase the number of good bacteria, improve the body’s internal environment, reduce the growth of bad bacteria, and ensure healthy intestinal tract and avoid overnight stool.

6. Isomaltooligosaccharide

Isomaltooligosaccharide can be used as food source for the Lactobacillus sporogenes, which enhances the growth of the bacteria, changing the bacterial floral, and maintaining digestive tract function.